Topic outline

  • General

    • Is something wrong?

      Students never jump for joy at the end of a unit test.  But something seems to be wrong this time around.

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    • What might you already know?

      Before you begin the Challenge project, this pre-assessment (called the Assessment Literacy Inventory or ALI) will help determine what you might already know.  Even if you are experiencing this material for the first time, going through a pre-evaluation of this type can help better guide your learning.

      The assessment should take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.  Please read all of the instructions before completing the assessment and answer all questions without using external materials.

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    • Your challenge

      What is expected for your Challenge solution appears in the Challenge instruction document below.  The resources you need to complete the Challenge are found in the folder after the instructions.

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    • What can a test tell you?

      The following learning activities will help you understand how much you can learn by systematically reviewing the results of an assessment.

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    • Doing assessment right

      The following learning activities explain how to create and evaluate quality assessment content.

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    • Evaluating open ended work

      The following learning activities explain how to create rubric-scored questions and assignments.

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    • Recovering from a crash

      How can you use assessment data to close learning gaps and how to communicate with students and others when a test goes wrong.

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    • Submit your solution

      Submit your solution files for evaluation, including your revised test and lesson plan for closing student learning gaps discovered by evaluating test data.  You can provide an explanation of your approach to the solution with each submission. 

      Submissions will be reviewed and you will be sent feedback which you can use to revise your solution and submit again before the deadline of Thursday, April 28 at 2:30 PM.

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